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Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be an Hassle

If you are anything like the average car owner, you dread having to buy car insurance. You know you must have a policy to legally drive. The penalties for getting caught driving without proper insurance are simply too high for you to consider not purchasing a policy. However, there are so many options available that it can be overwhelming just searching for the best policies. Use the following guidelines to find cheap auto insurance you can trust.

Learn About Different Types of Insurance

You need to know the difference between basic coverage and full coverage as well as the benefits each type of coverage offers. We have provided general information on our site to help you determine which types of coverage are available for purchase. Most drivers do not need to purchase every option. Consider your personal circumstances to determine which insurance types will provide the best protection for you and your family. For example, if you have excellent health insurance, you may not need to purchase a car insurance policy that includes medical coverage. Paying only for the coverage you need will save you money.

Use Quotes to Compare Rates

Another way to find cheap auto insurance is to request quotes from various insurance companies to compare premiums. Our site has made this process easier for you by allowing you to submit a single request for quotes. In return, you get free insurance quotes from each of the leading insurance providers listed above. You do not need to contact each insurer individually. We have identified the best companies that are approved to serve your community so you can save time and eliminate the hassle when searching for cheap auto insurance.

Know Your State’s Minimum Requirements

When looking for cheap auto insurance, you also need to consider the amount of coverage you purchase. Buying less than is required by your state’s car insurance laws not only leaves you financially vulnerable if you get in an accident, but you face steep fines and other penalties for not having sufficient coverage. Most states allow you to purchase liability-only policies in a specific amount that will pay for medical bills as a result of injuries to other drivers and repair bills for damage to another party’s vehicle if you cause an accident. You can learn about your state’s insurance requirements by contacting the department of motor vehicles by phone or visiting their website.

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SR22 Insurance and Non Owner SR22 Insurance

An SR22 is a form that is submitted by an authorized auto insurance company to the states Department of Motor vehicle (or a similar office) in behalf of someone who has recently gotten their driver’s license suspended. This form serves as proof that the said person carries enough financial capability, in the form of an auto insurance policy, to pay anyone they may injure and properties they may damage/destroy in a car crash.

An SR22 insurance, on the other hand, is basically a special type of auto insurance policy that must be maintained for a minimum of three years to avoid further penalties and suspension of driving privileges in the future. It comes in two forms, the regular SR22 insurance for car owners and the Non-owners SR22 for those who operate a vehicle but don’t necessarily own one. The reason you are asked to carry this is probably due to an unsatisfactory driving record. The state wants to ensure the mutual protection of everyone in the road from those with risky driving behaviors and habits. So in order to get your drivers license back, you must find an authorized SR22 insurance company to provide you a Non-owners SR22 insurance coverage.